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There is a list of medications containing "Amoxicillin Trihydrate" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient, their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Amoxicillin Trihydrate drugs The last trade name of products
A.F.S. Amoxcilin A.F.S. Amoxcilin - A-Lennon Amoxycillin A-Lennon Amoxycillin
Alfamox-LA Alfamox-LA - Amelox Amelox
Amimox Amimox - Amoksibos Amoksibos
Amoksicilin Amoksicilin - Amosin Amosin
Amosol Amosol - Amoxan Amoxan
Amoxanil Amoxanil - Amoxi Dogs and Cats Amoxi Dogs and Cats
Amoxi-Basan Amoxi-Basan - Amoxicilina (Cinfa Laboratorios) Amoxicilina (Cinfa Laboratorios)
Amoxicilina (Fada Pharma) Amoxicilina (Fada Pharma) - Amoxicilina (Perugen) Amoxicilina (Perugen)
Amoxicilina (Quimica Ariston) Amoxicilina (Quimica Ariston) - Amoxicillin (Activase Pharmaceuticals) Amoxicillin (Activase Pharmaceuticals)
Amoxicillin (Aliud Pharma) Amoxicillin (Aliud Pharma) - Amoxicillin (Chevita) Amoxicillin (Chevita)
Amoxicillin (Citron Pharma) Amoxicillin (Citron Pharma) - Amoxicillin (Heumann Pharma) Amoxicillin (Heumann Pharma)
Amoxicillin (Hexpharm) Amoxicillin (Hexpharm) - Amoxicillin (October Pharma) Amoxicillin (October Pharma)
Amoxicillin (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals) Amoxicillin (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals) - Amoxicillin (Spirig HealthCare) Amoxicillin (Spirig HealthCare)
Amoxicillin (Streuli Pharma) Amoxicillin (Streuli Pharma) - Amoxicillin Ecobol Amoxicillin Ecobol
Amoxicillin sucrose free Amoxicillin sucrose free - Amoxicillina Amoxicillina
Amoxicillin-DS Amoxicillin-DS - Amoxicilline (Hexal) Amoxicilline (Hexal)
Amoxicilline (Juventus Laboratorios) Amoxicilline (Juventus Laboratorios) - Amoxicilline Viaref Amoxicilline Viaref
Amoxicillin-SP Amoxicillin-SP - Amoxi-Diolan Amoxi-Diolan
AmoxiDog-S AmoxiDog-S - Amoxil Junior Amoxil Junior
Amoxil-12H Infantil Amoxil-12H Infantil - Amoxinga Amoxinga
Amoxinga-DT Amoxinga-DT - Amoxistad fur Kinder Amoxistad fur Kinder
Amoxi-Tablinen Amoxi-Tablinen - Amoxy (Osoth Inter Laboratories) Amoxy (Osoth Inter Laboratories)
Amoxy (T Man Pharma) Amoxy (T Man Pharma) - Amoxycillin (Redson Pharmaceuticals) Amoxycillin (Redson Pharmaceuticals)
Amoxycillin (T.P. Drug Laboratories) Amoxycillin (T.P. Drug Laboratories) - Amoxylin Amoxylin
Amoxyn Amoxyn - Amoxyvet (Aesculaap) Amoxyvet (Aesculaap)
Amoxyvet (Norbrook Laboratories) Amoxyvet (Norbrook Laboratories) - Antimox-KT Antimox-KT
Antiobiocilina Antiobiocilina - Ariproxina Ariproxina
Aristomox Kid Aristomox Kid - Axillin Axillin
Aximycine sugar free Aximycine sugar free - Betamox Betamox
Betamox-LA Betamox-LA - Biotamoxal Biotamoxal
Bioxidona Bioxidona - Cartrimox Cartrimox
Cemox Kid Cemox Kid - Clearamox Clearamox
C-Mox C-Mox - Danemox Danemox
Darzitil Duo Darzitil Duo - Dinamicina Duo Dinamicina Duo
Dodemox Dodemox - Edoxil Edoxil
E-Mox E-Mox - Faramox Faramox
Farmoxil Farmoxil - Gammamix Gammamix
Genimox Genimox - Gutenmox-DT Gutenmox-DT
Haetamox Haetamox - Hycimox Hycimox
Hydramox Hydramox - Jamp-Amoxicillin Jamp-Amoxicillin
Jetmox Jetmox - Lamox Lamox
Lanmox Kid Lanmox Kid - Longocilline Longocilline
Loxyn Loxyn - Maxyl Maxyl
Maymoxi Maymoxi - Monamox Monamox
Monamox-DT Monamox-DT - Moxapen Moxapen
Mox-BD Mox-BD - Moxilcap Moxilcap
Moxileb Moxileb - Moxipin Moxipin
Moxiren Moxiren - Moxylar Moxylar
Moxymax Moxymax - Neo-Moxciilin Neo-Moxciilin
Neotetranase Neotetranase - Novocilin Novocilin
Nufamox Forte Nufamox Forte - Onamox Kid Onamox Kid
Onamox-DT Onamox-DT - Paracilline-SP Paracilline-SP
Paradroxil Paradroxil - Phamoxi-TS Phamoxi-TS
Pharmoxin Pharmoxin - Prodoxil Prodoxil
Promox Promox - Raylina Raylina
Reichamox Reichamox - R-Mox Kid R-Mox Kid
Robamox-V Robamox-V - Samlox Samlox
Sanomox-G Sanomox-G - Simoxil Simoxil
Sinacilin Sinacilin - Sumopen Sumopen
Sumoxcin-F Sumoxcin-F - Symoxyl Kid Symoxyl Kid
Synamox Synamox - Terry White Chemists Amoxycillin Terry White Chemists Amoxycillin
T-Mox T-Mox - Triodanin Triodanin
TVMox TVMox - Varmox Varmox
Varmox-KT Varmox-KT - Vidamox Palatable Vidamox Palatable
Vimoxy Vimoxy - Xybatron Xybatron
Yugoxil Yugoxil - Zymoxyl Forte Zymoxyl Forte

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