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There is a list of medicines containing "Amoxicillin Trihydrate" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient, their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Amoxicillin Trihydrate meds The last trade name of products
Abbeymox Amoxycillin Abbeymox Amoxycillin - Alfamox Alfamox
Alfoxil Alfoxil - Amicil Amicil
Amitrexyl Amitrexyl - Amoksicilin (Belupo) Amoksicilin (Belupo)
Amoksicilin (Sandoz) Amoksicilin (Sandoz) - Amosine Amosine
Amossicillina Amossicillina - Amoxan Amoxan
Amoxanil-F Amoxanil-F - Amoxibacter Amoxibacter
Amoxibeta Amoxibeta - Amoxicilina (EMS Industria Farmaceutica) Amoxicilina (EMS Industria Farmaceutica)
Amoxicilina (GlaxoSmithKline) Amoxicilina (GlaxoSmithKline) - Amoxicilina (Pharma Genexx) Amoxicilina (Pharma Genexx)
Amoxicilina (Ratiopharm) Amoxicilina (Ratiopharm) - Amoxicillin (Aidarex Pharmaceuticals) Amoxicillin (Aidarex Pharmaceuticals)
Amoxicillin (Almus) Amoxicillin (Almus) - Amoxicillin (Cimex Pharmazeutika) Amoxicillin (Cimex Pharmazeutika)
Amoxicillin (CP Pharmaceuticals) Amoxicillin (CP Pharmaceuticals) - Amoxicillin (Heunet Pharma) Amoxicillin (Heunet Pharma)
Amoxicillin (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) Amoxicillin (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) - Amoxicillin (Pascual Laboratories) Amoxicillin (Pascual Laboratories)
Amoxicillin (PenCef Pharma) Amoxicillin (PenCef Pharma) - Amoxicillin (Stada) Amoxicillin (Stada)
Amoxicillin (Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical) Amoxicillin (Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical) - Amoxicillin Mixture Amoxicillin Mixture
Amoxicillin sucrose free Amoxicillin sucrose free - Amoxicillina Amoxicillina
Amoxicilline (Actavis) Amoxicilline (Actavis) - Amoxicilline (IVAX) Amoxicilline (IVAX)
Amoxicilline (Kombivet) Amoxicilline (Kombivet) - Amoxicillin-SF Amoxicillin-SF
Amoxicillinum Amoxicillinum - Amoxidoc Amoxidoc
Amoxi-Drop Amoxi-Drop - Amoxil Paediatric Amoxil Paediatric
Amoxil-12H Pediatrica Amoxil-12H Pediatrica - Amoxinga Kid Amoxinga Kid
Amoxinovag Amoxinovag - AmoxiTab AmoxiTab
Amoxi-Tabs Amoxi-Tabs - Amoxy (R.X. Company) Amoxy (R.X. Company)
Amoxy (The United Laboratories) Amoxy (The United Laboratories) - Amoxycillin (Sandoz) Amoxycillin (Sandoz)
Amoxycillin (Utopian) Amoxycillin (Utopian) - Amoxymed Amoxymed
Amoxyn Kid Amoxyn Kid - Amoxyvet Amoxyvet
Amoxyvinco Amoxyvinco - Antimox-P Antimox-P
Antiotic Antiotic - Aristomox Aristomox
Aristomox-DS Aristomox-DS - Aximycine Aximycine
AXL AXL - Betamox Betamox
Bgramin Bgramin - Biotornis Biotornis
Bitoxil Bitoxil - Cemox Cemox
Cemox-DS Cemox-DS - Clonamox Clonamox
C-Mox DT C-Mox DT - Darzitil Darzitil
Decacilin Decacilin - Dobriciclin Dobriciclin
Dokamox Dokamox - Efpenix Efpenix
Ephamox Ephamox - Faramox-BD Faramox-BD
Farmoxyl Farmoxyl - Gemox Gemox
GenRx Amoxycillin GenRx Amoxycillin - Hadomox Hadomox
Harbimox Harbimox - Hycimox-KT Hycimox-KT
Ibiamox Ibiamox - Jephoxin Jephoxin
Jetmox-DT Jetmox-DT - Lanmox Lanmox
Lanmox-DT Lanmox-DT - Longocilline-LA Longocilline-LA
Loxyn-DS Loxyn-DS - Maxylar Kid Maxylar Kid
Mediamox Mediamox - Monamox-DS Monamox-DS
Mopen Mopen - Moxapulvis Moxapulvis
Moxcil Moxcil - Moxilean Moxilean
Moxileb Kid Moxileb Kid - Moxiplus Moxiplus
Moxitrac Moxitrac - Moxylar Kid Moxylar Kid
Moxyna Moxyna - Neo-Moxicilin Neo-Moxicilin
Nepomox Nepomox - NTP-Amoxicillin NTP-Amoxicillin
Nuromox Nuromox - Onamox-D Onamox-D
Opimox Opimox - Paracillin-SP Paracillin-SP
Parkemoxin Parkemoxin - Pharmamox Pharmamox
Phenoxyl Phenoxyl - Progemox Progemox
Promoxil Promoxil - Recefril Recefril
Relmox Relmox - Robamox Robamox
Rocillin Rocillin - Sandoz Amoxicillin Sandoz Amoxicillin
Sanomox-Y Sanomox-Y - Simplamox Simplamox
Sinot Sinot - Sumoxcin Sumoxcin
Sumoxil Sumoxil - Symoxyl-DT Symoxyl-DT
Syncloxil Syncloxil - Teva-Amoxicillin Teva-Amoxicillin
Tolodina Tolodina - Trioxyl-LA Trioxyl-LA
Twicyl Twicyl - Varmox-D Varmox-D
Vastamox Vastamox - Vidamox-LA Vidamox-LA
Vizimox Vizimox - Yomax Yomax
Yusimox Yusimox - Zyofin-A Zyofin-A

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